Visiting the Jazz Club

With social-distancing, we can allow an audience of 20-25 into the Club. With reduced numbers, we will operate a week-by-week booking system by phone in order to give everyone a fair chance of attending, and a one-way entry and exit has been organised.

We have hand sanitisers at critical points in the room, screens at the bar and seats will be positioned for couples and singles. Raffle tickets will be sold on point of entry when you pay your admission.

How to book –

Bookings can be made from 10.30am on the Sunday before the next Saturday’s performance. Phone me on 01507 354464 to book.

• Bookings will be strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. If the number is engaged, redial. If there’s no answer, leave a message speaking clearly and I’ll get back to you.

• You can book for yourself and partner, plus anyone with whom you will be travelling. You will all be regarded as being ‘bubbled’ and will be allotted adjoining seats with no social distancing. If you are happy to sit next to someone in a car, then you must be happy to sit next to them in the Club!

• Bookings will not be accepted on behalf of members travelling separately to the Club – they must book for themselves. Non-members and guests will not be admitted, but applications for membership can be made HERE.