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The Jurbena Jazz Band, Netherlands

Jurbena Jazz Band is a traditional jazz band that has dedicated itself to the "Frisco" style from San Francisco. The band consists of eight persons including two cornet determining the sound such as "King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band" from 1923 and Lu Watters's Yerba Buena Jazz Band from the 40s.

The orchestra consists of seasoned musicians from other jazz groups in the Netherlands. The name Jurbena is derived from "Yerba Buena" derived from "Lu Watters's Yerba Buena Jazz Band. They play compositions by Jelly Roll Morton, J. Bode Walt Lampe, Clarence Williams, Johnny Dodds, Louis Armstrong, Joe" King "Oliver, Johnny St. Cyr, Lu Watters, Turk Murphy and others. As a major example has been the South 'Frisco Jazz Band from Costa Mesa, a town in southern California. .


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